“The Convoy Cabaret is a musical, cultural and artistic snapshot of the contemporary punk scene; one built upon a rich tradition of subversion and musical style.” (Mike Dines)

“Convoy Cabaret, is a mix of live music, DJs, performance, poetry and the burlesque. Described as ‘a world of old time vaudeville meets post apocalyptic mayhem with music and cabaret, sideshows and freaks.” (Bearded Theory)

About Us

From a single DJ to an entire festival we can provide you with what you need for your event. We are privileged to  have an amazing network of bands, dj’s artists, performers and technicians that come together to create an immersive experience for your eyes, ears and everything in between!

We have run stages at festivals such as Symmetry and Bearded Theory for many years and have held our own festival The Naughty Corner which was a great success and we are holding it again in 2023.

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